What are the most important parameters for choosing sanitary ware?

There are two main parameters that should be checked before buying new sanitary ware:
1. Functionality:
  • Toilet Seat and Bidet
    Structure – Structure must allow only the minimum amount of stains and marks. Check the width of the bottom of the bowl and the angles of the walls around it to make sure there will be minimal friction of body waste and the walls, and to make sure that the washing of the base will be done effectively and with ease (so that there won’t be a need to flush more than once).
    Glazing – It is recommended that every part of the bowl/bidet should be glazed (including hidden spots), in order to prevent adsorption of dirt and body waste. 
  • Sinks
    Basin – Check the width and depth of the sink to make sure that it is deep enough, otherwise water will splash out.
    Drainage –   You should make sure that the water drains into the siphon at the correct angle and at the right speed.  The wrong angle might prevent the water from going down the drain properly, thus keeping dirt and water in the sink, and limescale will form on the walls.
2.  Design Finish:
Pay attention to the following details:
  • The glazing should be high quality and spread evenly over the sanitary ware. There should also be depth to the color.
  • Match the color of all the sanitary products that are meant for the same room.
  • Choose a theme (Classical, Vintage, etc.) and match it to the cladding and to the rest of the furniture in the room.
A stylish finish that was planned correctly, instantly gives a clean, slick and high standard look, even if the stlye is not sophisticated or unique.